Vartes’ R&D Department is constantly working to develop innovative products. Thanks to this VARTES has created a new line of products with coffee charcoal.

Through the use of a special yarn created with charcoal coffee, which guarantees the natural insulation and keeps the wearer warmer in cold temperatures, VARTES has created a new line of high-performance technical products.

This excellent  fiber offers great thermal insulation and antibacterial properties, a powerful deodorant and a dry feeling, for maximum comfort and performance throughout the day.

Garments made with this particular fiber are comfortable and versatile, guaranteeing great results of body heating.

Here are the features of this new  VARTES product line:

  • Excellent thermal insulation, in fact, the combined use of coffee along with the mesh structure, ensures the preservation and the maintenance of the natural heat of the body and delays the transfer to the outside.
  • Natural antibacterial Properties: the coffee prevents the development of the bacteria that lurk in the fibers and can attack us.
  • Effect deodorant, charcoal coffee absorbs all odors and neutralizes them.

This line combines the VARTES experience with yarns of next generation, to ensure only the best to its customers.  VARTES also always thinks about the environment, that’s why we use suppliers who care about the environmental theme, in fact, this fiber is produced from the peel of coffee beans, a natural surplus.